8 Questions about Participating

8 Questions about Participating in

Student Support Services


STEM Student Support Services

1. Do I really understand this commitment?
The commitment to Student Support Services or STEM Student Support Services is simple…be a participant! Both grants are federally funded and need your participation to assist us in staying funded in future years.  However, we believe strongly that we partner with our participants and help each other thrive.  Here is what Samantha Waller, STEM SSS participant, has to say about her committment to STEM SSS, “As a STEM participant, I have personnaly benefited from utilizing the resources of this program.  Over the last three semesters, I have taken advantage of having a private lab (designated for STEM participants) that gave me access to  printer and copier.  Also, a quiet room when needed.  The one-on-one tutoring and group workshops have had a positive impact on my grades.  Additionally, I have partaken in the grant aid program, campus tours, and the cultural event.  Being in this program allows me to meet with other students my age that have similar backgrounds and experiences.  Through this, I have formed many friendships and made memories that I will cherish forever.”

2. How does this fit into my current goals & priorities?
All SSC students are encouraged to take advantage of resources that are available to them. SSS and STEM SSS offer multiple opportunities for assistance to qualifying participants.  A few key services include, but are not limited to, helping participants decide on the best degree plan, making future education and career plans, and academic tutoring.

3. Do I have the time, energy & resources?
SSS and STEM SSS are open Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 4:00pm. Participants are welcome and encouraged to use their respective lab, make appointments or do walk-in visits with advisors during these times.  If you are limited on time, SSS and STEM advisors are able to advise you via email, phone calls, Remind texting, and Skype.

4. What impact will this have on me in a year? In five years? In ten years?
Musician, David Bowie once said ‘I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.’ The two primary goals of SSS and STEM SSS are to (1) help participants successfully complete one year of college at a time, resulting in graduation from SSC, and (2) transfer to a four-year college or university. Hopefully your experience with SSS or STEM SSS will inspire you to make future goals and meet other challenges with success.

5. How will this impact those I love? 
We love to hear participants say that families and friends are proud of their academic efforts. There may be difficulties and struggles that seem hard, but remember, YOU CAN DO THIS! SSS and STEM SSS want to help you learn how to balance your academic needs and spending time with those you love.

6. Are there barriers in my life that might hinder my academic success?
Most college students encounter roadblocks that may create thoughts of giving up, or at least, delaying education.  SSS and STEM SSS want to help participants problem-solve barriers pro-actively as well as reactively.

7. Can I participate in both programs?
No, students may only participate in one program.  However, both SSS and STEM SSS offer you enrollment, advisement, financial aid assistance, guidance for transferring and much more for FREE!

8. Do I really want to say yes?
We hope that you will! If you would like an application to SSS, please drop by Scott building 104. If you would like an application to STEM SSS, please drop by Scott building 101. Please contact Sarah (SSS), Cami (STEM SSS), Shaina (STEM SSS) or Janna (SSS or STEM SSS)  if you have any questions by using the information below:

Sarah Ledford, SSS Advisor

Scott 104



Cami Correa, STEM SSS Advisor

Scott 101



Shaina Moon, STEM SSS Advisor

Scott 101



Janna Manlapig, SSS/STEM SSS Director

Scott 105