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The primary source of information on the pertinent laws of the state relating to higher education and, thus, Seminole State College, is the “Oklahoma Higher Education Code” published by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education.  A copy of this document, which is referred to throughout this volume, is available for perusal at the Office of the President.



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Chapter 1 - Status as a State Institution




Seminole State College is a member of the Oklahoma State System of Higher Education pursuant to the Oklahoma Constitution, Article XIII-A, Section 1 noted in the Higher Education Code (revised July 1986) Section 1. which reads:  “Oklahoma State System of Higher Education.  All institutions of higher education supported wholly or in part by direct legislative appropriations shall be integral parts of a unified system to be known as “The Oklahoma State System of Higher Education.”




As part of the State System of Higher Education, Seminole State College is responsible to the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education (OSRHE) under the Oklahoma Constitution, Article XIII-A, Section 2, which states that:


“There is hereby established the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education, consisting of nine (9) members appointed by the Governor, confirmed by the Senate, and who shall be removable only for cause, as provided by law for the removal of officers not subject to impeachment…The Regents shall constitute a coordinating board of control for all State institutions described in Section 1 hereof, with the following specific powers:  (1) it shall prescribe standards of higher education applicable to each institution; (2) it shall determine the functions and courses of study in each of the institutions to conform to the standards prescribed; (3) it shall grant degrees and other forms of academic recognition for completion of the prescribed courses in all of such institutions; (4) it shall recommend to the State Legislature the budget allocations to each institution; and (5) it shall have the power to recommend to the Legislature proposed fees for all of such institutions, and any such fees shall be effective only within the limits prescribed by the legislature.”



Additionally, the State Regents have other powers and duties as provided in Article XIII-A of the Oklahoma Constitution:


The State Regents (6) shall allocate funds to each institution according to its needs and functions from appropriations made by the Legislature; (7) may co-ordinate private, denominational and other institutions of higher learning with the State System under regulations set forth by the State Regents; (8) shall prescribe standards for admission to, retention in, and graduation from State Educational Institutions; (9) may accept federal funds and grants; (10) shall allocate revolving and other non state-appropriated educational and general funds; (11) may transfer from one institution to another any property belonging to such institution when no longer needed by it and when needed by another institution to accomplish its functions; (12) shall prepare and publish a biennial report to the Governor, the Legislature, and institutions, setting forth the progress, needs, and recommendations of State Educational Institutions and of the State Regents; conduct studies, surveys and research projects to gather information about the needs of State Educational Institutions and make such additional reports and recommendations as it deems necessary or as the Governor or the Legislature may direct, and publish such information obtained as may be considered worthy of dissemination; and, (13) shall exercise all powers necessary or convenient to accomplish the purposes and objectives of Article XIII-A of the Constitution of Oklahoma.


  (The complete listing of State Regent Powers and Duties is listed in Article II, Section 22, of the Oklahoma Higher Education Code.)





Article XIV, Section 180 of the Higher Education Code describes the authorization of the OSRHE to establish and maintain two-year colleges at El Reno, Poteau, Midwest City, South Oklahoma City, and Seminole.  At Seminole, the college shall “serve Seminole County and surrounding area, which shall be known as the Seminole Junior College….”


Part C. of Section 180 describes the Board of Regents for the above-mentioned junior colleges stating: 


“After the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education have acted to establish the junior colleges above named and identified, there shall be created a separate Board of Regents for each of said junior colleges, and said Board of Regents shall consist of seven (7) members to serve seven-year overlapping terms, with members of said Board to be appointed by the governor and with the advice and consent of the State Senate.  Each Board shall have the same powers as the Board of Regents of Tulsa Junior College.  Four members of the Board of Regents for the junior colleges located at El Reno, Poteau, and Seminole shall be from the county in which said junior college is located….”