DATE OF ADOPTION: December 14, 2006




Duties of the President


The Seminole State College Board of Regents delegate to the President the authority to guide and direct all operations and activities of the College. It shall be the policy of the Board of Regents that the President serves as the Chief Administrative Officer and is accountable directly to the Board. In such service, the President will have the following duties. This specific enumeration of duties shall not act to limit the broad authority and responsibility of the President.


It is the policy of the Board that the President shall:


  1. Serve as the Chief Executive Officer of the College, having the power to make rules not in conflict with law or with the policies of the Board, and decide all matters of administrative, management and supervisory detail in connection with the operation and maintenance of the College.
  2. Approve the appointment, salary, compensation, benefits, promotion, demotion, renewal or non-renewal of contracts, discharge, and/or suspension of all College employees below the level of Vice-President. Board approval is required for initial appointment, termination, or non-renewal of Vice-Presidents. All appointments, promotions, demotions, contract non-renewals, discharges, and/or suspensions shall be reported to the Board.
  3. Develop an organizational structure of the College that provides for an efficient operation of the institution. Within that power, the President may develop new positions or reassign personnel to increase efficiency of operations or progress toward institutional goals.
  4. Provide direction to the staff in evaluation of educational programs and operations. Upon the basis of the findings, the President may recommend revisions in educational programs to the Board for consideration and judgment.
  5. Be directly responsible to the Board. The President shall be expected to initiate and develop policies for the approval of the Board, and to delegate such responsibility to associates and subordinates as appropriate.
  6. Direct the preparation of an annual budget showing the estimated financial needs for the ensuing fiscal year, and the anticipated income and submit the budget to the Board in accordance with requirements of law, Board Policy and/or other administrative entities.
  7. Represent the College as its President in all dealings with other colleges, social institutions, business firms, agencies of government and the general public.
  8. Work cooperatively with the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education, and other state and federal agencies impacting the operation of the College as well as with other external constituencies such as the public schools and private industry.
  9. Develop and implement Internal Administrative Procedures appropriate for the operation of the College and in accordance with Board Policies.