DATE OF ADOPTION: August 22, 2002





Contracts between Seminole State College and members of the professional staff and faculty are issued on an annual basis.  Employees who do not wish to enter into new contracts for the coming year should notify the President of this intention as early as possible, but in no case later than April 15.  The College recognizes that numerous conditions may arise which will cause an employee to desire release from an appointment.  The College desires to be helpful to employees in handling their personal affairs and in taking advantage of professional opportunities whenever this may be done without impairing the educational opportunities of the students of Seminole State College.


In consideration of the welfare of the students, the College cannot agree to the release of a faculty member from an appointment until a satisfactory replacement is available. The Board of Regents hereby authorizes the President of the College to determine whether a satisfactory replacement is available.  It is suggested that persons seeking release from an appointment refrain from making plans that might later cause him or her personal embarrassment and/or expense.