DATE OF ADOPTION:December 14, 2006

REVISION DATE(S): ): November 10, 2016   



Tuition Waiver


Full-time employees, their spouses, and their dependent children may enroll in courses at Seminole State College and receive a tuition waiver for those courses.  To promote health and wellness, Seminole State College employees may enroll in, any HPER activity classes and tuition costs will be waived.  No part of this policy shall preclude an employee, spouse, or dependent child from receiving other financial assistance from Seminole State College for which they qualify.


Use of Recreational Facilities

All employees of Seminole State College are entitled to utilize recreational facilities when the facilities are open and properly staffed and when classes or other administratively approved activities are not utilizing the facility.  Spouses and children of employees may use the recreational facilities under the same conditions as long as the employee accompanies them.  Nothing in this policy should be construed as permitting unlimited and unconditional use of College facilities by employees or their spouses and/or children.