Chapter 5
Employee Salary Schedules




DATE OF ADOPTION: July 18, 2001






Establishing and Applying Salary Schedules


The Seminole State College Board of Regents delegates to the President the authority to negotiate salaries with individual employees or prospective personnel within competitive limits and under the guidance of salary schedules included as part of Board Policy.  For the purpose of the application of Salary schedules, positions are defined in accordance with Board Policy II-4-1.


The various salary schedules are based on the funds available to the college for employee salaries. If approved by the President and funds are available, employees are eligible to receive longevity pay increments as described in Board Policy II-5-5.  Alterations to salary schedules included as Board Policy require the approval of the Seminole State College Board of Regents.


Positions Exempt from Salary Schedules


Salaries of individuals serving as First Level Administrators and the position of Executive Secretary to the President will be exempt from application of salary schedules.  The President will have the authority to negotiate salaries for these individuals ensuring that those salaries are consistent both with salary levels for similar positions at similar colleges as well as with institutional needs.



Positions within Salary Schedules


  1. Second Level Administrators – Salaries are based on education and experience. In instances where qualified personnel cannot be hired at the scheduled salary, the President may authorize adjustments as necessary to ensure proper staffing and functioning of the institution.
  2. Second Level Staff Administrators – Salaries for these positions are based primarily on experience and scope of duties. 
  3. Non-Administrative Program Staff – Salaries are based on education and experience.
  4. Faculty with Administrative Duties – Two categories exist within this area.  The first category includes individuals with instruction as their primary responsibility, but who have been assigned additional program or supervisory responsibilities.  The second category within this area includes coaching staff personnel with an assigned salary schedule.
  5.  Faculty without Administrative Duties – Salary schedule is based upon education and experience. Within the contract requirements, full-time members of the college faculty normally are assigned to provide instruction in 15 credit hours of coursework each fall semester and 15 credit hours of coursework each spring semester.  Faculty are also responsible for other duties as assigned by the President.  The Vice President for Academic Affairs and the President must approve adjustments to teaching load.
  6. Classified and Auxiliary Staff – Salaries are based upon a specified schedule of salaries.  Additional payment may be made to employees according to the acceptance of additional responsibilities not included within the normal job description of the position.


Adjustments to Scale for Experience


The appropriate supervisor, with the assistance of human resources, will evaluate salary scale adjustments for prior experience to develop a recommendation for the consideration and final approval of the College President.