DATE OF ADOPTION: July 18, 2001

REVISION DATE(S): June 23, 2006,June 21, 2007, June 19, 2008 



Application of Salary Schedules


The Seminole State College Board of Regents provides the following base salary guidelines for use of the President and college personnel in developing pay-plans for new employees as members of the Faculty without Administrative Duties, and Second-Level Staff Administrators.  The college establishes salary levels with consideration for attainment of post-secondary degrees and further study toward subsequent degrees.  Categories of annual salary levels following the master’s degree include reward for credit hours of study toward the terminal degree.


Degree     BA/BS           MA/MS         M + 15hrs.     M + 30hrs.     M + 45hrs.     Ph.D./Ed.D.
Annual    $30,432.38     $31,556.11     $32,118.49     $32,680.87     $33,243.25     $33,805.63


Contract Adjustments for Mid-Year Degree Completions


Employee contracts may be amended during a contract year to reflect the appropriate salary schedule level when the employee completes all requirements for an academic degree.


Coaching Salaries


Full-time Head Coaches, also serving as members of the college faculty, are expected to provide additional services during the summer months in support of Athletic Department functions.  Required faculty teaching-load for Full-time Head Coaches is set at 15 credit hours per academic year. 


Base Entry Salary Schedule for Coaching Staff


   BA/BS           MA/MS         M + 15           M + 30           M + 45           Ph.D./Ed.D.

  $40,236.75      $41,361.31      $41,923.59      $43,610.42      $44,172.69      $44,734.97