DATE OF ADOPTION: May 26, 2011

REVISION DATE(S): February 15, 2018  



The Seminole State College Board of Regents authorizes the President to award academic rank to teaching faculty members who have reached certain levels of achievement based on educational attainment, longevity and tenure.


As a general guideline, the rank of "assistant professor" may be awarded to a full-time faculty member whose academic credentials include achieving a master's  degree with 18 hours of graduate coursework in a specified teaching field.  An "assistant professor" who attains tenure, may be awarded the rank of "associate professor."  After completing 10 years of full-time service as a faculty member and undergoing tenure reviews, the rank of "professor" may be awarded.


It is recognized that these guidelines will not apply to every situation.  The President is authorized to award rank based on his or her assessment of individual circumstances.  Financial incentives may be awarded at each level, contingent upon the availability of funding