Chapter 6
Employee Evaluation and Faculty Tenure




DATE OF ADOPTION: February 15, 2018 






The following standards of evaluation are established for all full-time positions at Seminole State College as well as other positions designated by the President.  Each individual covered by this evaluation system will be evaluated by the following methods (forms for use in the evaluation process are available from the President's Office).



Administrative and Supervisor Staff Evaluation


The constituency of each administrator will, in January of each year, complete an evaluation regarding the effectiveness of the employee being evaluated.  These will be turned in to the employee's  immediate supervisor who will discuss the results with the employee.



Professional Staff Evaluation Summary


An evaluation results form will be completed by supervisors which reflect the results of each of the three evaluation instruments.  Based on this document, the employee being evaluated will be recommended to the President for re-hire without condition, re-hire with condition, probation, or termination.  This document will be signed by the employee and /her immediate supervisor