REVISION DATE(S): February 15 and  March 15, 2018   



Division Chair Evaluation of Faculty


Division Chairs will complete and forward to the Vice President for Academic Affairs, an evaluation of each faculty member within their divisions in February of each year.


The evaluation process calls for the completion of a Performance Evaluation Form by the Division Chairs which addresses the faculty member’s professional performance during the preceding calendar year (January — December).  New faculty members will be evaluated only on fall semester performance.  The Division Chairs will discuss the evaluation with each individual faculty member and both will sign and date the Performance Evaluation Form.


The annual performance evaluation will serve the dual function of assisting the individual faculty in his professional development planning and the institution in its efforts to ensure quality instruction for its students.


Division Chairs will evaluate new adjunct faculty at least once through classroom visitation either in person or through a full-time faculty member assigned that task by the chairperson.


Student Evaluation of Faculty


The Faculty Senate and administration of Seminole State College believe that periodic student evaluations of faculty are positive and vital steps for an institution to undertake.  The primary goal of student evaluations of faculty is to promote the professional development of faculty.


The evaluations may include subjective and objective portions. The subjective and objective content of the evaluation instrument will be reviewed each year by the Assessment of Student Learning Committee (ASLC). In the event the ASLC recommends changes to the evaluation, the ASLC will make such recommendations to the Division Chair Council (DCC) for consideration. The DCC may choose to reject the recommendations, forward them to the Administrative Council (AC) as is, or forward them to the AC with modifications. Only changes to the evaluation instrument approved by the AC will be put into use.


The exact timing, mechanism, and number of instructor classes evaluated will be determined by the SSC administration in consultation with the DCC and ASLC. At a minimum, this mechanism will include a consultation between the instructor and the Division Chair to review the results of student evaluations and construct a strategy for the continued professional growth of the instructor. These consultations will occur after the conclusion of the semester in which the evaluations were administered and the anonymity of the students will be vigilantly protected. The results of the student evaluations may be used as part of the faculty performance evaluation process.