DATE OF ADOPTION: September 17, 1998






This policy is provided to meet the requirements of the Oklahoma Open Records Act, codified at 51 O.S. subsection 24A (1985), while maintaining and upholding the requirements of the Buckley Amendment governing certain and/or specific information protected by federal law and a citizen’s Right to Privacy under the law.




The President, at his/her discretion, will provide and/or assign an employee of the College to produce the public records requested.  In the absence of the President, the Vice President for Student Affairs will handle requests for public information.


Format for Request


Requests may be in verbal or written form.  A verbal request may be required to be submitted in written form, based on the nature, length, and requirement of the request to insure that appropriate materials are provided.  Requests should detail:  (1) the specific information requested, (2) name and address and/or phone number of the person, group and/or organization making the request, and (3) purpose of request (optional).


Time Frame


SSC is committed to providing public information on a “soon as possible” basis.  Simple requests for information requiring only viewing and/or copying of readily available documents can usually be provided at the time of the request if such request is received during normal business hours of the College.  Requests which will require a significant amount of search time will be responded to at times when the College employee assigned to gather the information is not engaged in work functions which are essential to the operation of the College.


The College reserves the right on all requests to seek advice of legal counsel regarding the release of any information.




For requests which are solely for commercial purposes or which clearly cause excessive disruption of the College’s essential functions, a fee for the labor involved in the document search will be assessed.  The College will assign the lowest salaried individual(s) capable of performing the required search and compilation of data and will charge the requesting party the hourly wage of the employee(s) times the number of hours spent on document search and compilation of requested information, plus any copying or printing costs.    




Requests for information should be directed to the Office of the President, Seminole State College, 2701 Boren Boulevard, Seminole, OK 74868,  (405) 382‑9950.