DATE OF ADOPTION: September 17, 1998






Seminole State College buildings, grounds, equipment and supplies exist to serve the College’s instructional mission.  Individuals authorized to be on campus and use college facilities include students, employees and guests at events sanctioned by Seminole State College.  The College assumes no responsibility for the supervision or the safety of uninvited campus visitors because such individuals have no legitimate purpose for being on campus.  Uninvited campus visitors may be viewed as trespassers on College property and ordered to leave by any College administrator or other designated employees assisted, if necessary, by an SSC police officer.  The President, or his/her designee, shall have the authority to restrict the access to campus of any individual whose presence may disrupt the ability of the College to meet its academic mission.  Anyone who is so restricted from campus who subsequently violates such restriction by returning to campus will be considered to be trespassing.


Unattended Minors


Should a student, employee or invited guest to the campus bring minor children on campus and leave them unsupervised at any campus location, the adult will be contacted and requested to remove the children from campus.  College personnel cannot guarantee the safety of unsupervised youth.  Students should not bring children to classes with them.  Faculty reserve the right to ask a student to remove children and other visitors from the classroom at any time.  Failure to comply by a student or employee may lead to disciplinary actions against the offending party.