DATE OF ADOPTION: February 17, 2000




Students officially enrolled in courses at Seminole State College and other persons who are performing substantial and necessary services for Seminole State College may receive travel advances for authorized travel.  Funds will be advanced from Agency Special Accounts and will include travel for athletic teams, cheerleaders, official student organizations, and for student educational activities.


Requests for travel advances shall be submitted by the faculty or staff sponsor through the appropriate administrator to the College President or his/her designee.  When the faculty or staff sponsor presents the request for a travel advance, the sponsor certifies that the request complies with SSC Board policy and the claimants will perform a related activity or substantial and necessary service for Seminole State College. 


Travel advances disbursement will follow internal controls established in the Office of Fiscal Affairs in accordance with the following.



Travel advances will not exceed the amount authorized by the State Travel Reimbursement Act unless specifically approved in writing as an emergency by the President.  Such emergency authorization will be presented to the Board of Regents for ratification at the next meeting of the Board.