DATE OF ADOPTION: January 24, 2008


LEGAL REFERENCE: HB 2103 Section 3241.1 of Title 70 


As expressed in Oklahoma statutes, Seminole State College shall adopt, purchase, and sell textbooks/instructional material in a manner to maximize instructional effectiveness and minimize student cost




  1. Instructional material means any textbooks, workbooks, CD-ROMS, and other course related material required or recommended by the faculty or staff for a given course.
  1. Bundled material means any textbooks and any other supplemental instructional materials that may be packaged to be sold together as course materials for one price.
    1. Bundled material does not include instructional materials that are designed solely for sale as an integrated combination of two or more units; or
    2. Materials that cannot be sold separately due to third-party contractual agreements, custom editions, or special editions




It is further required by statute that each publisher of instructional materials used at SSC make available to faculty and staff of Seminole State College:


  1. The price at which the publisher will make the instructional materials available to the bookstore; and
  2. A list of revisions made to the instructional materials since the last published edition, if any.  This information can be provided by publisher either in print or online in publisher’s catalog format.
  3. SSC may not lawfully recommend or require instructional materials from publishers who choose not to make this information available. Some of this information may be available on-line in publisher catalogs.




  1. The Bookstore shall disclose to faculty and staff the costs to students of purchasing instructional materials.
  2. The Bookstore shall disclose publicly how new editions of instructional materials vary from previous editions.
  3. Neither the Bookstore nor any book wholesaler conducting a book buyback on campus may accept review instructional materials from faculty and staff.  Additionally, the Bookstore may not engage in any trade of any instructional material that is marked as or identified as free review instructional materials.
  4. The Bookstore shall provide students with the option of purchasing instructional materials that are unbundled when possible, disclose to faculty and staff the costs to students of purchasing instructional materials, and disclose publicly how new editions vary from previous ones.
  5. The Bookstore shall actively promote and publicize book buy-back programs.




Oklahoma statute prohibits SSC employees and departments from demanding or receiving any payment, loan, subscription, advance, and deposit of money, services or anything present or promised as an inducement for requiring students to purchase specific textbooks or instructional materials.


  1. Sample copies and instructor copies of textbooks and instructional materials may be accepted as long as they are not to be sold by faculty, staff, or the bookstore.
  2. Royalties or other compensation from the sale of textbooks or instructional materials that include the writing or work of employees may be accepted.
  3. Training in the use of instructional materials and technology is acceptable; and An honorarium for academic peer review of instructional materials is acceptable.