DATE OF ADOPTION: December 14, 2000




Seminole State College, as a public institution, seeks to serve the people of the community and state not only through its educational programs but also through the provision of facilities for groups and organizations whose general purposes are congruent with those of the institution and which are of such character and reputation as to make their association with the College reasonably appropriate and non-controversial.  The College shall open its facilities to the entire community and encourage the use of the campus as the community center for all groups.  The College may make suitable charges to cover its costs and may restrict use which would interfere with regular educational or student activity programs.


The College may, upon its option, withhold use of facilities from outside groups of a radical, reactionary, or dissident nature, those whose philosophy and purposes are adjudged to depart significantly and sharply from the mainstream of American political, moral, or religious values, those whose reputation causes any doubt concerning the orderliness of meetings, and those whose reputation or public image is adjudged to be such that their association with the College would be detracting from that of the institution.


Although discretion and judgment is employed, the College does not generally host in its facilities political, social, activist, or sectarian organizations and groups not having officially chartered campus chapter sponsoring the meeting. Special consideration may be given to those organizations that are contributing to the College.


The President is authorized to establish reasonable facility use fees, a list of which will be given to and available through the office of Fiscal Affairs.