“Permanent Issue” is typically a nine-member to twelve-member show band that performs as a public relations tool of the college.  Members of the band can receive a $1000 scholarship per semester, up to 4 semesters.  The band performs at many civic functions, campus events, and performs concerts at area high schools as a PR and recruiting tool.


Past editions of the band have performed at high schools throughout our area, Oklahoma State Fairs, the Wewoka Sorghum Days festivities, the Prague Kolache Festival, the Tecumseh Frontier Days Celebration, and a number of other events throughout the area.  Past editions have also appeared on television programs broadcast by Oklahoma City stations and by KTEN in Ada, Oklahoma.

The group performs a variety of musical styles but most of the time performs contemporary country and rock music.  Membership in the most recent bands has included four to six vocalists, a lead guitarist, a rhythm guitarist, a bass guitarist, a keyboard player, a fiddle or violin player, and a drummer. However, the makeup of the band varies and is dependent upon the number and quality of those who have successful auditions and make the band






            When auditioning for a vocalist position you need to come prepared to sing one whole song or parts of two songs of your choice.  If you choose to use parts of two songs you may want to consider using a slow song and a fast song to show us more about your ability, but this is not a necessity.  You may use accompaniment tapes or bring someone to accompany you on the piano or a guitar. We ask that you do not sing without some type of accompaniment (if this if a problem for you, then discuss it with us previous to the audition).  We also ask that you do not sing along with a tape of the artist that has performed the song you want to use in your audition.  The reason for the audition is to see if you can perform the songs on your own.  We listen for correct pitch, correct rhythm, etc. and not how well you can sing along with the original performer.  We also would like to know about your ability to harmonize and may ask you to sing along with some of the other candidates and vice versa.  Though the ability to harmonize is not a requirement for the vocalist position it is certainly a plus if you have that ability.




            When auditioning for an instrumentalist position you need to come prepared to play a selection of your choice that will show off your ability.  You may play an original piece or play a song that has aired on the radio, whatever you choose to do is fine.  For instance, if you are trying out for the lead guitar position you might want to record yourself or have a friend play the chord pattern to a song and then play a lead part over the rhythm track during the audition.  If you are auditioning for one of the other instrumentalist positions you could do something similar for your particular instrument.  Reading music is not a requirement but you may be asked to read a chord chart. Though the ability to read music is not required it is a plus for you if you have that ability.


            Most instrumentalists want to use their own equipment when auditioning.  If you bring amplifiers, drums, etc. of your own to use, you need to come earlier than 2:00 P.M. (1:45 P.M. should be OK) to bring the equipment into the building to speed up the audition process.  If you wish to use the college’s equipment then it will be available the day of the auditions.


Contact Information


Contact Mr. Travis Qualls at t.qualls@sscok.edu and include the following contact information:  Name, Mailing Address, Telephone Number, and Position(s) for which you may wish to audition.