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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How do I apply to participate in the  Health Sciences Student Support Services Program ?


A. Come to the HSSSS Office located on the SSC Campus and complete application form. Meet with HSSSS staff members who will work with you to identify resources and develop a plan to assist you on your academic journey.

Q. Is this program only for students majoring in nursing or a medical career ?


A. No, there are many careers in health sciences outside of the traditional medical path, and we support all health related careers.  Careers as a family counselor, public health educator, risk manager, and food safety specialist - just to name a few - are all in the field of health sciences.  All interested applicants should speak with HSSSS staff about program qualifications.

Q. What support does an SSS advisor provide ?


A. Students are assigned to an advior to determine their learning strengths and challenges and devise an Education Action Plan outlining the most appropriate services HSSSS and the College can provide.  Advisors support students as they acquire new skills and learn how to be a successful college student; however, their role does not stop here.  Students remain in the program through to the successful completion of earning their degree and utilize program resources in a variety of ways.