Tik Tok: New Way to Sign in!

Hi SSS/STEM SSS Participants!

We have an exciting NEW way for you to sign in and out of the labs! We have DONE AWAY with paper and pen signing in and out in favor of computerized sign in.

  • As a participant, it is important for the life of the grants that you sign in and out when you use SSS/STEM SSS services.
  • Signing in and out on the computer is just as easy as the paper and pen and will help keep the doorway clear of traffic!
  • You will also have the option to sanitize the computer station before and after use. AND, if you prefer, a staff member can sign you in and out.

Seminole State SSS/STEM SSS lab signs are now electronic! No more paper! #touchfree #Studentsuccess #Studentsupport

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