PLC True Colors Training

True Blue

PLC students then gathered into four different color groups and discussed items they liked and disliked, depending on their personality style. The blue group works to make a list of things they love, which included helping other people, problem solving, music, art and nature. Pictured (l-r) are: Hannah Lay of Seminole, Kristen Casteel of Shawnee, Cale Ashcraft of Seminole, Rylee Treloar of Depew, Kandyce Davidson of Wewoka and Bella McGeisey of Shawnee

Showing Your Colors  

Members of the Seminole State College President’s Leadership Class participated in a personality assessment training Thursday with Jan Tipton, who works for Gateway to Prevention and Recovery in Shawnee. She presented on True Colors, an assessment that uses four colors to represent four styles of personality – green, blue, orange and gold. Tipton acted out each personality type for the group and then worked with the PLC members to discover their dominant color.