SSC Board of Regents Approve Bids for Renovation Project

The Seminole State College Board of Regents reviewed bids for the institution’s natatorium renovation project and made updates to the employee policy manual regarding compensation at their meeting on Aug. 23.

Prior to the discussion of business items, President Lana Reynolds spoke about personnel changes, reported on enrollment numbers and presented SSC’s 22-23 Annual Report publication to members of the Board. The Annual Report encapsulates the achievements, milestones, community partnerships and endeavors undertaken by the College over the past year. A digital version of the publication may be viewed at

With the first item on the agenda, the Board approved a bid for the natatorium renovation project. The space, which formerly housed the campus swimming pool, will be repurposed into a wellness center.

“We believe this Wellness Center will be an invaluable asset for our campus community, a place that will complement the health and wellbeing of our students and employees,” President Reynolds said.

The Board approved bids from two different companies. The Board approved a bid from Scott & Reid General Contractors for $541,592. Scott & Reid’s bid includes the main component of construction as well as HVAC and electrical work. The Board then approved a bid from Lighthouse Electric & Integrated Systems in the amount of $92,493 for a fire alarm system, electric work and key components needed to complete the project. Much of the expense of the project will be covered by federal relief funds the College received amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Next, the Board approved updates to the employee policy manual with changes to five separate items regarding employee pay—compensation, pay ranges, salary scale adjustments, longevity considerations and overload pay. The changes primarily centered on removing outdated pay ranges and provided greater clarification on how compensation is determined based on responsibilities, longevity and overload circumstances. These changes were a response to a request made by the SSC Faculty Senate last spring. All policies in Section II-5 of the policy manual were reviewed and updated. The process for making the changes involved collaboration from the Faculty Senate Welfare Committee, the Administrative Council and Human Resources.

Regents present at the meeting were: Chair Kim Hyden, Curtis Morgan, Ryan Pitts and Robyn Ready. The next schedule Board Meeting will take place on Oct. 26, 2023.