SSC Regents Convene for December Meeting

At their meeting on Dec. 13, the Seminole State College Board of Regents approved a contract to replace the College’s telephone system and a revision to the employee tuition reimbursement policy.

During the President’s Report, Lana Reynolds informed the Board of a variety of campus activities and events, including conferences and trainings attended by faculty and staff. She also outlined the 2019 Board Meeting dates, spoke about special student outings and activities and gave a personnel update.

SSC freshman Tijah Johnson attended the meeting to provide a student’s perspective on the College’s Upward Bound program.  She said the positive experiences she had in the program influenced her life and educational pursuits.

SSC freshman Tijah Johnson speaks about how much the College’s Upward Bound program has done for her academically at the Board of Regents meeting on Dec. 13.

“I never thought I would be someone who shows other students where their classes are or participates in Student Government, but Upward Bound and this College give me those kind of opportunities,”

Tijah Johnson

Under the first item of business, the Board approved the replacement of the College’s 18-year-old telephone system. The College will enter into a contract with Jive Communications, which will reduce the institution’s monthly equipment and service bill from approximately $7,000 to $4,000. SSC Director of Information Technology Marc Hunter recommended the change and explained that the new system will provide numerous new services and capabilities for the campus. 

Under the second action item, the Board approved a change to the employee tuition reimbursement policy. The State Division of Central Accounting and Reporting recently informed the College that employee tuition reimbursement programs must include verbiage to require employees to remain at an institution for a designated amount of time if the institution has provided funds for educational expenses.

“We want to continue to encourage our employees to further their education. SSC will continue to offer this important benefit, but we need to change our policy to comply with current law,” President Reynolds said.

Under the consent agenda, the Board approved the Student Assessment Activity Report and degree program modifications for Elementary Education and Pre-Engineering. The Board also approved degree program reviews of the Business and Education Business Technology AAS, Social Sciences Psychology AS, STEM Pre-Engineering AS and STEM Computer Science AS.Board members present at the meeting were: Chair Marci Donaho, Curtis Morgan, Paige Sherry, Bryan Cain and Kim Hyden. The next SSC Board of Regents meeting is scheduled for Jan. 17, 2019.