SSC Student-Athletes Receive Academic All-American Honors

Fifty-two student-athletes and six athletic teams at Seminole State College have been recognized for their outstanding academic achievements this year by the National Junior College Athletic Association. The NJCAA Academic All-American Student Athlete Awards are divided into the three groups based on grade point average – First Team requires a 4.0 GPA, Second Team requires a GPA between 3.80 and 3.99, and Third Team requires a GPA between 3.60 and 3.79.

“Fifty-two Academic All-Americans is a record for SSC. Many, many individuals on our campus are involved in supporting the academic success of our athletes. We especially want to thank the individuals that advise our student-athletes,” SSC Athletic Director Michael St. John said.

SSC student-athletes recognized as First Team are: Michael Adair, baseball; Laney Anderson, softball; Sophie Augustin, soccer; Barrett Daniel, baseball; Emily Dobbins, soccer; Maile Glaser, women’s golf; Brasen Hackler, softball; Danyn Lang, softball; Brianne Lee, women’s golf; Bobbi Leitha, softball; Avery Lowe, softball; Kegan Magee, baseball; Kaitlyn Matlock, volleyball; Macie Noland, volleyball; Preston Pattison, baseball; Sadie Saul, softball; Ayzia Shirey, softball; and Hallie Wilson, softball.

Student-athletes recognized as Second Team are: Aaliyah Acevedo, soccer; Courtney Castleberry, soccer; Kaylee Edwards, softball; Gage Fuller, baseball; Claudia Garcia, soccer; Caden Green, baseball; Sando Hill, men’s basketball; Chloe James, softball; Landon Lecrone, men’s golf; Baylea Norris, volleyball; Rayveen Osborn, women’s basketball; Cailee Schroeder, volleyball; Abigail Shook, volleyball; Gracie Summers, women’s golf; and Demetria Wilson, soccer.

Student-athletes recognized as Third Team are: Brennen Campbell; Garrett Casey; Meghan Cereceres; Avery Clark; Beau C. Driggers; Tess Eubank; Teryn Foote; Kamryn Garvie; Benjamin Harmon; Jenna Henderson; Alexis Hurens; Kady Lynch; Sidney McGregor; Kaden Morris; Keaton Ranallo; Maebree Robertson; Houston Russell; Luke Smith; Ayana Wyatt.

The NJCAA has also recognized six SSC athletic teams for ending their seasons with a 3.0 GPA or above. Softball held a 3.55 GPA, women’s golf held an overall team GPA of 3.54, the volleyball team held a 3.47 GPA, soccer achieved a 3.24 GPA, baseball held a 3.12 GPA, and men’s golf reached a 3.08 GPA.