SSC Student-Athletes Receive Academic All-American Honors

Thirty-five student-athletes and five athletic teams at Seminole State College have been recognized for their outstanding academic achievements this year by the National Junior College Athletic Association.  The NJCAA All-American Student Athlete Awards are divided into the three groups based on GPA – First Team requires a 4.0 GPA, Second Team requires a GPA between 3.80 and 3.99, and Third Team requires a GPA between 3.60 and 3.79.

SSC student-athletes recognized as First Team are: Kaitlyn Carroll – Volleyball; Bianca Coleman – Soccer; Briana Davis – Soccer; Hanna Pitman – Basketball; Brayden Rodden – Baseball; and Alexis Thompson – Volleyball.

Student-athletes recognized as Second Team are: Aubrey Adams – Soccer; Hannah Ash – Basketball; Sydney Breckenridge – Volleyball; Tyler Dean – Baseball; Tarin Dubler – Softball; Tucker Dunlap – Baseball; Alexis Easter – Campbell; Teagan Hamilton – Volleyball; Madison Hunter – Volleyball; Yelena Martinez – Soccer; Kylie McKinney – Soccer; Chaz Orr – Baseball; Fredric Walter – Baseball; and Hunter White-Softball.

Student-athletes recognized as Third Team are: J’Shades Ainsworth – Basketball; Jacob Bailey – Baseball; Jamie Clark – Basketball; Zachary Dill – Baseball; Shianne Eddings – Softball; Breyana Estep – Softball; Daryian Francher – Soccer; Jaclyn Gray – Softball; Jason Houpt – Basketball; Anthony Marcano – Baseball; Sydney Martin – Softball; Skylar McCord – Softball; Suni Meely – Softball; Brent Smith – Baseball; and Jayden Smith – Basketball. 

The NJCAA has also recognized five SSC Athletic Teams for ending their seasons with a 3.0 GPA or above. Volleyball held a 3.39 GPA, Softball held an overall team GPA of 3.37, the Belles achieved a 3.05 GPA, Soccer held a 3.03 GPA and the Baseball team achieved a 3.02 GPA.