SSC Wipes Outstanding Balances on Student Accounts

Seminole State College is clearing the outstanding balance on more than 660 student accounts through direct scholarships. This move was made possible through the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund II (HEERF II) monies the College received to offset financial difficulties created by the COVID-19 pandemic. The College is committing $715,000 of these federal funds to clear account balances students incurred for tuition and fees during the pandemic.

“This should eliminate many barriers for current students wishing to re-enroll at our institution, as well as for students wishing to access their transcripts to continue their educational journey at other colleges and universities,” President Lana Reynolds said in memo sent to campus on June 16.

No action is required on the part of students. The scholarships will be automatically applied to student accounts. SSC is now in the midst of a communication push to notify all students affected by these scholarships through email, text and personal phone calls.

While there were many avenues to use these funds, the Seminole State College Board of Regents and campus administration determined that it was best utilized to benefit students by paying student debts incurred during the pandemic and still owed to the College.

“We understand that the pandemic presented many challenges that prevented a lot of students from achieving their educational goals. We sincerely hope that this will lift some of the burden put on them by the pandemic and that students will return to SSC to finish their degree,” President Reynolds said.

Enrollment for the fall is still open. Students interested in applying for in-person and concurrent courses may contact or 405-382-9797. For fully online degree programs, students may contact or 405-382-9230.