SSC Educational Foundation Trustees Tour Sports Complex

Several Trustees of the Seminole State College Educational Foundation toured the Brian Crawford Memorial Sports Complex following their quarterly Board meeting on Feb. 16. The Trustees toured indoor facilities and the Trojan baseball field. Pictured in Center Field (left to right) are: Jim Hardin, Lance Wortham, Jeramy Rich, Doug Humphreys, Sue Snodgrass, Steve Degraffenreid, Suzanne Gilbert, Darren Frederick, David Wilson, Billy Norton, Rhonda McKee, John Hargrave, Haley Coates and Mark Schell.



SSC President Emeritus Dr. Jim Utterback, who is overseeing the project, visits with Trustees during the tour. Construction continues on the complex, which includes a college baseball field, four youth baseball/softball fields, the Avedis Adaptive Field for persons with special needs and a soccer field. The SSC Educational Foundation is the owner and operator of the facility.