SSC Interscholastic Meet Winners Announced

Students from 31 schools across the state competed in Seminole State College’s 49th annual Interscholastic Meet on March 23. Nearly 700 students attended the event.

Individual entries were separated into two divisions. Division I was composed of students from schools classified as 3A, 4A and 5A. Students from 2A and A class schools competed in Division II.

Exams were administered to students in 12 different subject areas during morning and early-afternoon testing sessions. Four art categories were offered as well: sculpture, painting, drawing and best in show. The top three winners within each subject were awarded medals.

A trophy was awarded to the top school in each division based on accumulation of points and medal placing. Preston High School was the winner of the Division I trophy. This year the runner-up was Plainview High School. In Division II, there was an one-point difference between first and second, with Allen High School taking the Division II trophy and Liberty Academy claiming runner-up.

The final results for the top five students in each subject area for Division I were:

Algebra 1

Kinzey Branch of North Rock Creek – First

Jayden Herring of Preston – Second

Anna Hamilton of Pauls Valley– Third

Noah Canady of Plainview– Fourth

Jay Ahlstrom of Tecumseh – Fifth

American History

Luke Smith of Preston – First

Benjamin Martin of Bethel – Second

Bray Bussell of Bethel – Third

Christian Ware of North Rock Creek – Fourth

Charles Hill of Latta – Fifth

American Literature

Luke Drew of Bethel – First

Brooklyn Pritchard of Morris – Second

Thomas Hurst of Preston – Third

Sarah Christensen of Pauls Valley – Fourth

Melissa Hart of Holdenville – Fifth


Amaurina Phillips of Tecumseh – First

Levi Ballard of Pauls Valley – Second

Braden Ramirez of Morris – Third

Samantha Stewart of Wynnewood – Fourth

Hannah Hope of North Rock Creek – Fifth


Noah Canady of Plainview – First

Keelan Taylor of Wynnewood – Second

Ean Merrill of Morris – Third

Dalton Lewelling of Tecumseh – Fourth

Colton Criner of Morris – Fifth


Aidan Burcham of Tecumseh – First

Abhinu Mysore of Plainview – Second

Jayden Herring of Preston – Third

Mariah McDoulett of Meeker – Fourth

Benjamin Martin of Bethel – Fifth

Computer Science

Sam Yates of Pauls Valley– First

James Isbell of Plainview– Second

Jode Cogburn of Seminole – Third

Shane Newman of Prague – Fourth

Toby Brown of Pauls Valley – Fifth

English Literature

Keyton Tiger-Harjo of Morris – First

Gracie Roberson of Latta – Second

Tayelor Hightower of Preston – Third

Liz Swindell of North Rock Creek – Fourth

Melissa Hart of Holdenville – Fifth

General Business

Jeremiah Kagan of Plainview – First

Thomas Hurst of Preston – Second

Zach Zimmerman of Plainview – Third

Logan Stanley of Pauls Valley – Fourth

Tayelor Hightower of Preston – Fifth

Geometry (Plane)

Sam Criner of Preston – First

Ben Wiles of North Rock Creek – Second

Anna Kate Ownby of Plainview – Third

Carson Wolke of Tecumseh – Fourth

Kierra Deville of Preston – Fifth

Oklahoma History

McKinley McGirt of Morris – First

Brynna Boyd of Preston – Second

Jesse Smith of Plainview– Third

Isaac Green of Pauls Valley – Fourth

Ivan Wallace of Plainview – Fifth


Thomas Hurst of Preston – First

Ben Wiles of North Rock Creek – Second

Camrun Scott of Morris – Third

Jonathan Harris of Plainview – Fourth

Ean Merril of Morris – Fifth

The final results for the top three students in each Division I art category were:


Scarlet Williams of Plainview – First

Allissa Dunagan of Tecumseh – Second

Keegan Belleeuille of Latta – Third


Jonathan Harris of Plainview – First

Olivia Zhao of Plainview – Second

Grace Morgan of Plainview – Third


Brody Bone of Tecumseh– First

Elisa Whitney of Tecumseh – Second

Chrystian Hogue of Tecumseh – Third

Best of Show

Kyndal Hogue of Tecumseh

Keegan Bellefeville of Latta

The final results for the top five students in each subject area for Division II were:

Algebra 1

Taylor Wood of Allen – First

Matthew Germond of Liberty Academy – Second

Harrison Townsend of Vanoss – Third

Ethan Bloodworth of Wayne – Fourth

Kristen Proctor of Dewar – Fifth

American History

Noah Bogle of Mason – First

Daniel Germond of Liberty Academy – Second

Ivy Ellis of Paden – Third

Clayton Goforth of Strother – Fourth

Joshua Pugh of Moss – Fifth

American Literature

Camdyn Williams of Allen – First

Jess Withrow of Dewar – Second

Mackenzie Jordan of New Lima – Third

Ivy Ellis of Paden – Fourth

Jaylee Thomas of Agra – Fifth


Matthew Germond of Liberty Academy – First

Keenan Walker of Allen – Second

Lyra Dyer of Paden – Third

Nate Shepherd of Vanoss – Fourth

John Russell of Dewar – Fifth


Victoria Clanton of Paden – First

Jayden Roza of Butner – Second

Alaina Grigg of Vanoss – Third

Bethany Hicks of Liberty Academy – Fourth

Tristan Her of Paden – Fifth


Keagan Bell of Konawa – First

Cale Palmer of Liberty Academy – Second

Ian Ketcher of New Lima – Third

Mikele Bashkimi of Liberty Academy – Fourth

Marissa Underwood of Strother – Fifth

Computer Science

Levi McGowin of Dewar – First

Taylor Wood of Allen – Second

Vladimir Barksdale of Strother – Third

Anthony Hancock of Agra – Fourth

Levi Mann of Allen – Fifth

English Literature

Victoria Clanton of Paden – First

Cale Palmer of Liberty Academy – Second

Averie Byrd of Dewar – Third

Bethany Hicks of Liberty Academy – Fourth

Flora Tesalona of Macomb – Fifth

General Business

Victoria Clanton of Paden – First

Aaron Haughton of Agra – Second

Clarissa Smith of Mason – Third

Kayla Easter of Asher – Fourth

Brogan Culwell of Asher – Fifth

Geometry (Plane)

Chloe Hill of Konawa – First

Jenna Fielder of Wayne – Second

Isaac Powell of Dewar – Third

Zane Gore of Butner – Fourth

Libby Driggers of New Lima – Fifth

Oklahoma History

Ty O’Daniel of Allen – First

Jack Todd of Allen – Second

Thomas Yahola of Konawa – Third

Rylie Pendergraff of Agra – Fourth

Christine Tubbesing of Asher – Fifth


Jayden Roza of Butner – First

Tyler Hill of Vanoss – Second

Rico Tubbesing of Asher – Third

Sean Baker of Wayne – Fourth

Nate Shepherd of Vanoss – Fifth

The top students in each art area for Division II were:


Scarlett Williams of Plainview – First

Abigail Lane of Dewar – Second

Lysa Dyer of Paden– Third


Mia Sweet of Vanoss – First

Caleb Yarbrough of Vanoss – Second

Madelyn Gray of Vanoss – Third


Sophia Clanton of Paden – First

Hanna Logsdon of Wayne – Second

Phoebey Finch of Preston – Third

Best of Show

Allison Wilson of Vanoss

Kamryn Goss of Preston

Brandon Logster of Wayne