Peer Coaches

A-yo Jones


Courses: Peer Coach. English Comp I and II, Gen. Bio., IMO, Gov., & Nutrition.


Hi, my name is A-yo Jones, SSC Student Support Services Peer Coach. As your peer, I have experiential knowledge in successfully navigating the landscape of college life. As a mentor, my focus lay on service. I am here to serve, facilitate student growth & development, and to help students forge a sense of identity and self-determination that will positively influence their college careers. Through mutual respect, advocacy, inclusion, and interconnectedness, there is nothing that we can not experience, and subsequently overcome, together.

Sierra Josselyn


Courses: Peer Coach. Calc. I and II, Pre-Calc., Trig, Quan. Reas., & Basic Algebra.


Hello, my name is Sierra C. Josselyn, SSC Student Support Services Peer Coach. College life can be hard to navigate alone. I am here to help you get accustomed with the new step in your journey. Personal experience has shown me that a lot of people tend to think that college is intimidating when in reality, it is not as scary as it seems. It is a change for sure, but it is how the individual views the change, either as a good one or a bad one. As a peer coach and mentor, I am here to show support and understanding, as well as knowledge to help you with your transition into college life. I am here to help make that change into a good change and not a bad one.


Cheyenne Bonham

Courses: Principles of Bio, Anat, Phys, Micro, Pre-Nursing, MLT Mentor, Nursing Mentor, Peer Mentor

Raven Ivey

Courses: English Comp I & II, Quan. Reason.,
IMO, Art History II & Astronomy.

Jennifer Neugebauer

Courses: English Comp I & II, Pre-Calc BB,
Anat, Phys, Zoo, Elem Stats., Gen. Chem.,
Micro., Med Term, Plant and Soil, Ag. Econ.,
Physics I & II, Gov., & An. Sci.

Cheyenne McDonald

Courses: Nursing Mentor. English Comp I & II, Principles of
Biology, Elem Stats, Anat., Phys., Elem. Stats., Pre-Nursing, Micro., Gov., & Gen Psychology.

Cliff Sanders

Courses: Physics, All maths

Sierra Springer

Courses: MLT Mentor. English Comp. I & II, Gen. Chem., Anat., Phys., Micro., Principles of Bio., Pre-Calc BB, & Nutrition.

Amanda Thomas

Courses: English Comp I & II, Pre-Calc,
Principles of Biology, Micro, Chem I & II, Anat, Elem. Stats.,
Phys, Physics II, Cal, Trig., Zoo., & IMO.

Tristan Wood

Courses: English Comp. I & II, C++ I and II,
Info Security, Gen Bio, Pre-Calc for EPCS, Trig,
Physics II, IMO, & Intro. Engineer.

(By Appointment Only)