SSC Baseball Team Volunteers at A League of Their Own Season Opener

Seminole State College Trojan baseball players worked with members of A League of Their Own at the Avedis Foundation Adaptive Field, located within the Brian Crawford Memorial Sports Complex on April 2. The League is a co-ed softball league established to provide an avenue for individuals with cognitive or physical disabilities to play baseball. This year 46 players are participating. The Trojan baseball team volunteered for the group’s season opener, which was delayed to Tuesday due to Monday’s severe weather. The Trojans encouraged and assisted participants as they hit and ran the bases. The League takes to the field on Monday evenings and will continue their season through May 20. For more information about the group, contact Holli Daniels at 405-380-7027.

Trojan baseball player Clayton Moore, of Norman, (right) congratulates A League of
Their Own athlete Nic Tilley, of Seminole, for being named one of the game’s MVPs. Tilley has played with the League for about five years. When he began playing softball, he had to use a walker to assist with his mobility, then he progressed to leg braces and now runs the bases independently.
Khole Goodwin of Seminole makes her way to first base with two Trojan players. Tuesday night was her first game with A League of Their Own, and she was all smiles.