The GEAR UP approach to helping students includes helping all those who help the students – a systemic approach to student success. GEAR UP assists the partner schools through acquisition of equipment to add technology in the classroom and by providing professional development and training for teachers and staff allowing them to better serve their students.

In 2014, SSC GEAR UP expanded a successful pilot program with Infosource, Inc. to provide GEAR UP school educators with online professional development through the SimpleK12 Teacher Learning Community. SimpleK12 is an online community for education professionals that allows educators to share resources, discuss concepts, find new ideas to reach students and do it all from anywhere with web access.

For more information about SimpleK12 Professional Development opportunities or financial assistance support of professional development costs through an application process, GEAR UP educators can contact a partner school administrator or call Russell Beene, SSC GEAR UP Professional Development Coordinator, at (405) 382-9682 or email