SSS / STEM SSS tutors can help explain concepts, review for exams and give you study and test-taking tips. It is important you have read your assignments and prepared yourself as much as possible before visiting the tutors — they are there to help you review and clarify, not teach the course or do your assignments. Please bring all class materials, such as syllabus, notes, books, videos, etc. to support your tutoring sessions.


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All Tutors or Peer mentors can be available via ZOOM anytime.
Black (STEM) and Blue (SSS) indicates available in labs.
Red indicates the tutor is available online ONLY.

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Tutors/Peer Mentors

Jennifer Neugebauer
Pre-Calc BB, Anat, Phys, Elem Stats, Gen Chem, Micro, Med Term, Plant and Soil, Ag Econ, Physics I, Animal Sci, Comp 1 and 2, Gov
Katrina Knobel
Pre-Calc BB, Comp 1 and 2, Gen Bio, Math Concepts 1 and 2, History, Gov, Gen Psy, Astronomy, IMO, Peer Mentor
Ernesto Martinez
Pre-Calc EPCS, Intro Engineering, Comp 1 and 2, Trig, Gen Chem, History, Calc An Geometry
1 2 3, Physics, Calc Physics, Gov
Cliff Sanders
All Maths, Physics, Comp 1 and 2, Professional Math Educator
(See Cliff in Scott Building)
Kevin Clark
Princ. Of Bio, Pre-Calc BB, Art Assistance, Peer Mentor
Shannon Bennett
Elem Stats, Gen Psy, History, IMO, Peer Mentor
Raven Ivey (online only)
Astronomy, Comp 1, IMO
Sierra Josselyn (online only)
Calc 1 and 2, Pre-Calc, Trig, Physics, Quan Reas, Basic Algebra, Peer Coach
Sierra Springer (online only)
Gen Chem, Anat, Phys, Micro, Principle of Bio, Pre-Calc BB, Nutrition, Comp 1 and 2, MLT Mentor, Professional Medical Lab Tech
Renea Rogers
Prin. Of Bio, Anat, Phys, Micro, IMO, Comp 1 and 2, Elem Stats, Pre-Nursing, Gen Psy, Chem, Gov., Hist., First year Nursing classes, Nursing Mentor


Jada Hill
Prin. Of Bio, Anat, Phys, Micro, Elem Stats, Pre-Nursing, Dev. Psy, Comp 1 and 2, Gov. Hist, Nutrition, Gen Psy, Intro to Business, Chem, First year Nursing classes, Nursing Mentor


Amanda Thomas (online only)
Anat, Phys, Micro, Principles of Bio, Elem Stats, Physics, Calc, Trig, Zoo, Chem 1 and 2, Comp 1 and 2
Eric Stark
All Maths, All Computer Classes, Physics, Professional IT guy
By appointment only. Contact Janna at