Office of Institutional Effectiveness

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness

At Seminole State College (SSC), assessment of student learning is a dynamic, comprehensive process designed to create and sustain a culture of learning on campus. It is a process that begins when a student is admitted to the College, continues as the student actively pursues his/her studies, and follows the student after graduation with an associate degree or program certification.

The primary goal of the assessment of student learning is to continuously improve student learning and achievement at Seminole State College. It is an ongoing process, distinct from the evaluation of individual students and faculty and is driven by the mission of Seminole State College.


Assurance Argument


Jessica Isaacs, Coordinator of Accreditation

Dr. Amanda Estey, Accredtation Liaison Officer

(Assurance Argument PDF)

SSC follows HLC’s Open Pathway Accreditation program, which consists of several components:

1. The Quality Initiative Proposal, Project, and Report, 2. The Assurance Argument — the Five Criteria for Accreditation, 3. The Evidence File, 4. The Federal Compliance Form and Appendices, and 5. The Comprehensive Visit.

I’ve updated a PowerPoint that was presented to the Board of Regents in January regarding our HLC Site Visit and the Peer Reviewers.  A Final Site Visit Agenda from President Reynolds has been added as we draw closer to the visit February 24th and 25th.


SSC Strategic Plan

2023 - 

Assessment of Student Learning Procedure

Assessment of Student Learning Procedure PDF


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