SSC Professor Speaks on Human Trafficking Panel

Seminole State College Psychology Professor Christal Knowles spoke on a panel about human trafficking at the Pavilion on the grounds of the Governor’s Mansion on Nov. 15. The panel was sponsored by the Oklahoma Commission on the Status of Women (OCSW) and was titled “Solutions, Initiatives and Strategies to Stop Human Trafficking in Oklahoma.”

Knowles received both her bachelor’s degree in English and her master’s degree in Behavioral Sciences at Cameron University. She has worked at SSC for 15 years. She is a tenured Professor of Psychology in the Social Sciences Division. She also spearheaded the launch of the SSC Help Center, which provides resources and counseling to students struggling with mental health issues. She continues to serve as the coordinator of the effort. She is also the faculty sponsor for the Psi Beta Psychology honor society. She serves on a several campus committees and is a member of the Faculty Senate. She is a lifelong Girl Scouts member and co-leads a troop in Shawnee. She is also a member of the American Psychological Association. She

was named SSC’s faculty member of the year at the 2022 Oklahoma Association of Community Colleges Conference.

Knowles spoke alongside Dr. Nyla Khan, the OCSW Advisory Council Chair; Cara Lowder, a teacher at Wilburton Public Schools; Harley Ward a student at Wilburton schools; and Austin Rankin, a student at Northwestern Oklahoma State University.

OCSW, a state government commission established in 1994, advises the governor and legislature on issues impacting Oklahoma women to improve quality of life and increase economic opportunities. In 2023, the OCSW held several panel discussions on how to identify, intercept and stop human trafficking at colleges across the state, including SSC on Jan. 12.

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