SSC Foundation Receives Donation Valued at Over One Million Dollars

SSC Foundation Receives Donation Valued at Over One Million Dollars

SSC Foundation Receives Donation Valued at Over One Million Dollars

Pictured on the back row (l-r) are: Case Parks, Joshua Parks, Britni Parks, Kennedy Coker and Linkin Parks; front row (l-r) are: Richard Parks, Beth Parks, Pamela Parks, Roger Parks, Ashley Parks and Steven Parks

The Seminole State College Educational Foundation received a donation at the end of 2017 valued at over one million dollars – one of the largest gifts in the organization’s history. This large real estate donation was given by the family of Roger and Pam Parks of Parks Manufacturing, founders of Blue Wave Boats, currently located in Seminole, Okla.

The real estate graciously donated to the SSC Foundation is located in Checotah, Okla. and was the original manufacturing facility of Blue Wave Boats, a company managed and developed by Roger and Pamela Parks and operated along with their two sons, Steven and Richard. The donated area features roughly 20-acres of land, including a large office building and roughly 60,000 square feet of factory buildings. The Parks family donation will be placed in a special fund to be named the Parks Family Community Fund, which will be used for projects that support the educational mission of the Foundation, while also helping to develop educational and community activities involving or supported by Seminole State College.

 Speaking on behalf the family, Roger Parks stated, “Pamela, Richard, Steven, Beth, Ashley and I would like to say thank you to the citizens of Seminole.  We have treasured our time in this wonderful community and look forward to raising even more of our family here as we work together to help improve Seminole moving into the future.  We also would like to express our appreciation to the SSC Educational Foundation for accepting our donation.  We have entrusted them with our gift to help advance our community.”

SSC President Lana Reynolds stated, “We are ecstatic and are beyond grateful for this donation to the SSC Foundation.  The generosity of the Parks family will benefit not only the College, but many important community endeavors for years to come. It is through gifts like this that we are able to grow our institution and offer new and upgraded facilities to students and Seminole residents.”   

SSC Educational Foundation Chair Lance Wortham echoed President Reynolds and expressed his gratitude for this donation of behalf of the Foundation Board of Trustees. “What a fantastic gift from a wonderful family. This donation came at a great time – these funds will help advance several current and upcoming projects at the College and in the community.”

Upon sale of this real estate property, the Foundation Executive Committee – in collaboration with the Seminole City Manager – have designated these funds for the following projects: the construction or enhancement of the new Brian Crawford Memorial Baseball and Sports Complex for Seminole State College which will directly benefit the institution, student-athletes, baseball fans and the Seminole community; the construction or enhancement of a new community swimming pool complex that will benefit individuals of all ages in surrounding areas; as well as possible funding for certain aspects of the new Seminole High School and educational equipment or facility rental assistance for the new Charter School.

Seminole City Manager Steve Saxon also voiced his appreciation, stating, “This donation means a lot of dreams that seemed out of reach are now achievable. The City is underway with the swimming pool solution which also is an important back-up for SSC when their pool is taken down for maintenance. The Brian Crawford Baseball Complex will be an incredible addition.  We just believe strongly that anytime we have good things happening for SSC or Seminole Public Schools – it makes us all better.  Our community owes the Parks family a huge thank you.”

Blue Wave Boats, maker of Blue Wave Boats and Silver Wave Pontoons, has been owned and operated by the Parks family for over 25 years.  Blue Wave Boats currently occupies a 165,000 sq. ft., state-of-the-art facility off of Boren Boulevard in Seminole. The Parks have over 40 years of boat building experience and have produced one of the top selling bay boats in Texas for many years.

For more information about the SSC Educational Foundation and its upcoming projects, or to make a donation, please contact SSC President Emeritus Dr. Utterback at 405-382-9555 or Educational Foundation Advancement Coordinator Autumn Wiles at 382-9506.

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