Transitional Education Assessment

Transitional education at Seminole State College (SSC) consists of mathematics and language arts components offered through two of the SSC academic divisions. SSC conducted a major curriculum redesign of its developmental education program in 2013 and in the process “rebranded” it transitional education. Another redesign occurred in 2017 implementing co-requisite transitional education courses at scale. As with the previous redesign, the number of transitional courses and the time required for remediation were significantly reduced in both mathematics and language arts by offering one co-requisite course for each mathematics or language arts general education course.  SSC still offers one traditional mathematics transitional education course and one traditional language arts transitional education course. All students have the opportunity to finish general education mathematics and language arts in one year. Students enrolled in these courses were required to participate in a loosely structured first-year experience. Assessment of transitional education now focusses on four performance rates: (1) transitional course completion, (2) completion of remediation as a whole in a given subject area, (3) completion of gateway college-level courses, and (4) graduation.

Assessment of Transitional Education