Indirect Assessments

The SSC assessment procedure consists of five overlapping levels of student assessment as listed below:

  1. Entry-Level Assessment
  2. Assessment of Transitional Education
  3. Assessment of General Education
  4. Degree Program Assessment, Evaluation and Review
  5. Assessment of Student Engagement and Satisfaction

Depending on the nature of each level of assessment, an appropriate balance of direct and indirect assessments is implemented. Indirect assessment activities are designed to determine if desired student learning outcomes for general education, degree programs, and the institution as a whole are being met. The Assessment of Student Engagement and Satisfaction provides indirect assessment data that contributes to student assessment at each of the above levels to differing degrees. Indirect assessments regularly used for the assessment of student engagement and satisfaction include internal instruments such as Student Feedback on Classroom Instruction, the Graduate Exit Survey, the Entering Student Engagement Survey, the Faculty Survey on Student Engagement and the SSC Institutional Statistics Report.

Institutional Statistics