Assessment Committee

Jessica Isaacs, Coordinator of Accreditation, Accreditation Liaison Officer, Language Arts, Humanities 405-382-9209

Linda Goeller, Interim VPAA, Coordinator of Institutional Effectiveness 405-382-9567

Tammy Kasterke, Business and Education 405-382-9692

Jarrod Tollett, Science, Technology, Engineering, Math 405-382-9217

Valarie Watts, Nursing 405-382-9287

Samuel Rivera, Social Sciences 405-382-9239

Melanie Rinehart, Fiscal Affairs 405-382-9717

Sheila Morris, Student Affairs 405-382-9501

Chunfu Cheng, Faculty Senate 405-382-9570

Assessment Committee Minutes

Please email or call the Assessment Coordinator for minutes to meetings prior to September 2014.