SSC Softball Players Recognized for Accident Response

Seminole State College softball players demonstrated a team effort off the field when they quickly responded to help a fellow student who had a car accident on Highway 9, near their practice area Oct. 2.

After hearing the crash, the girls ran to the road, discovering a student’s damaged car on fire. Players called 9-1-1, comforted the upset driver and pulled a water hose to the highway to control the fire until emergency personnel arrived.

Trojan Coach Amber Flores complimented her team for their quick and calm response to the emergency situation. “They were so great. I am very proud of them. They are outstanding young ladies and we are very lucky to have them at Seminole,” she said.

The team was recognized Oct. 5 prior to their practice by SSC President Lana Reynolds. President Reynolds commended the team on their courage and compassion before providing cupcakes to the team.