Office of Institutional Effectiveness

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Seminole State College seeks to be an institution of unparalleled excellence, regarded by both internal and external constituents as a college whose quality is second-to-none, where employees and regents make a continual effort to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of our community and our students. To meet this degree of excellence, SSC has adopted an institutional effectiveness process for measuring and documenting how well the college is achieving its mission and addressing its strategic agenda for the purpose of continuous quality improvement of student learning, student development, and administrative departments.  

SSC’s Institutional Effectiveness process is carried out by the work of Administrative Council and the Assessment of Student Learning committee members. The purpose of their work is two-fold: 1) to create and sustain an environment that supports a culture of continuous quality improvement, and 2) to facilitate an ongoing systematic process of assessment to support SSC’s mission and strategic agenda.


Seminole State College Strategic Plan

The Higher Learning Commission


Dr. Deanna Miles, Coordinator of Accreditation

Dr. Amanda Estey, Accreditation Liaison Officer

Assurance Argument

Accreditation letter

SSC follows HLC’s Open Pathway Accreditation program, which consists of several components:

1. The Quality Initiative Proposal, Project, and Report, 2. The Assurance Argument — the Five Criteria for Accreditation, 3. The Evidence File, 4. The Federal Compliance Form and Appendices, and 5. The Comprehensive Visit.


Institutional Research

Assessment of Student Learning Committee and Procedures

Degree Program Objectives

Degree Program Outcomes

Online Degree Office Data

2023-24 Assessment of Student Learning Committee


  • Dr. Amanda Estey Vice: President of Academic Affairs

  • Jarrod Tollet: Coordinator of Assessment, Professor of Math/Science/Engineering, STEM

  • Jessica Isaacs: Professor of Language Arts, LAH

  • Tammy Kasterke: Assistant Professor of Business and Information Systems, BE

  • Sheila Morris: Registrar, Student Support Services

  • Julie Hix: Comptroller, Fiscal Affairs

  • Samuel Rivera: Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice, SS

  • Kelly Hankal: Director of Medical Laboratory Technology Program, HS

  • Wendy Slusher-Rich: Assistant Professor of Agriculture

  • Laura Votaw: Coordinator of Distance Education, Academic Affairs

  • Dr. Deanna Miles: Accreditation Coordinator, Assistant Professor of Health Sciences